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purchasing the bedwettingalarm

We have 3 different alarms that you can buy. The health insurance does not refund any purchase alarms. Some insurance companies still reimburse a part of the costs within the scope of the additional insurance. We recommend that you check this with your insurance company in advance.

All alarm clocks come complete with 2 sensor briefs enabling you to start immediately. The 3 alarm systems differ as follows:

1 -  Mickey Weckalarm:

Suitable for normal sleepers. The child wakes up immediately when it is woken. The alarm sound can be regulated normally.

2 -  Contessa Weckalarm:

Suitable for deep sleepers. Child wakes up with difficulty. The alarm tone can be set very loud.

3 -  Contessa Weckalarm

     with Vibes:

Suitable for very deep sleepers. The child has great difficulty waking up. The alarm sound is adjustable extra loud and has an additional vibration alarm. The child's pillow vibrates.