pyjama trousers

Bettnässen, Enuresis, Schlafanzughose, Pyjamashorts für Bettnässer
Pyjamahose für Bettnässer

Are you going to camp soon?

Or are you having an overnight party?

  • Stay dry with these pyjama trousers!

  • The trousers have the absorbency of a full bladder.

  • The trousers are comfortable and discreet.

  • The trousers are machine washable.

  • The trousers are made of comfortable and safe material, are breathable and impermeable to liquids.

  • The pyjamas are available in short and long models.

Pjama is a washable trouser for children and adults that can be worn when bed-wetting. Pjama makes changing bed linen unnecessary, as the pants protect the sheet, blanket and mattresses. If you get wet, simply wash your body, change your pjama trousers and go back to sleep. Pjama can be easily machine washed, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable products.

Pjama is a simple, discreet and environmentally friendly solution for bed-wetting. Pjama is made of comfortable, safe material that is breathable but not permeable to liquids. The pyjama trousers are just as comfortable as any other, but at the same time they keep the bed dry. The trousers offer the assurance that there is a simple and discreet solution if a small mishap should occur.


Pjama cannot cure bed-wetting. But the pants are a good addition to a treatment: they help the children to wake up, because they feel the wetness in the pants.


Pjama's trousers are made of soft Tencel, a breathable and at the same time waterproof membrane. The extremely moisture-absorbing material ensures that the wetness stays in the trousers. All materials are OEKO-TEX certified.

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Bettnässen, Pyjamashorts für Bettnässer
Einnässen, Bettnässen, Pyjamapants für Bettnässer Urifoon
Einnässen, Bettnässen, Pyjamapants für Bettnässer Urifoon