Bettnässen, Klingelhose, Training gegen Bettnässen



The transmitter connects the sensor briefs and the wake-up alarm. The alarm works wirelessly, so the alarm is ready for use after the receiver has been switched on and the transmitter has been attached to the sensor briefs.


The transmitter is equipped with a 3-V battery. Under normal use, this has a service life of 1 to 1.5 months. Before use, the sensor's push buttons must be attached to the front of the sensor pants.

hen the alarm is not in use, the transmitter must always be removed from the sensor briefs. This saves the battery and extends its life! 


The function of the transmitter can be checked at any time by connecting the two push buttons on the transmitter with a metal object, such as scissors. Make sure that the receiver is switched on. If the alarm signal does not sound now, the battery power is no longer sufficient and the battery must be replaced. 

Replacing the transmitter battery

To do so, you must open the transmitter by carefully separating the top and bottom sides using a blunt knife. To do this, push the knife exactly between the two short sides. Carefully remove the battery from the clamp. Insert the new battery in the same way and gently press the clip. Make sure that the battery text is facing upwards and that the rubber O-rings are still in place (the thin one at the bottom and the thicker one at the top). Press the parts of the transmitter together again. The transmitter is now ready for use again.